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About Umber-Ghar

“Seeing is believing” truth of an occurrence or existence can no longer be doubted when seen: that is the theme of this application.

Umber-Ghar is a Cloud based RERA Compliance Platform for builders and promoters to solve RERA filing challenges. It is an SaaS platform for tracking building progress and management and also simplifies RERA filing Process. This platform solves simple and complex challenges of team management, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention.

Since 2017, Umber-Ghar has made it easier for builders to securely share project with customer, bankers and other stakeholders. Transparency is a key RERA mandate.On the platform builders and customers can see project development visually and analytically, See each and every building in detail , its progress in RERA prescribed stages along with a photo time line of events. Customer can track his flat progress till he receives Occupation certificate.


Shetall Natuu

Shetall Natuu - Founder Director

Shetall Natuu is a Founder Director of Umber-Ghar, which she launched in 2017 with cofounder Sunita Natu. She is the visionary behind the Umber Ghar product and platform strategy. The best of secure and scalable platform is incorporated, with an intuitive user experience. Builders faced enormous challenges when RERA compliance came to force. Shetall leads the company in its mission of transparency and faith in real estate industry. She is a Systems designer and Experience designer for the digital product.

Shetall attended the National Institute of Design ,Ahmedabad, from 1993 to 1997 and has been steering consultancy firm Umber UX-UI for multinational clients.


Umber-Ghar Team

  • Devendra Phadke
    ( Technical Consultant )
  • Pallavi Phadke
    ( Product manager )
  • Tushar Vaidya
    ( Operations Head )
  • Ravindra Paliwal
    ( Front-End Developer )
  • Pragati Chaudhari
    ( Sr developer )
  • Aarti Mane
    ( Tester )
  • Sakshi Gothivarekar
    ( Back-End developer )
  • Prajakta Patil
    ( Back-End developer )
  • Prashant Kumar
    ( Back-End Developer )
  • Mrunal Pandit
    ( Voice Assisted Marketing )
  • Komal Khandagale
    ( Marketing Executive )

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